Why Do You Need an Art Consultant?

Some people buy art just because they enjoy it. Others buy art as collectors or because a well-known artist created it. Some people buy art as a kind of investment. An art consultant, like any other form of consultant, advises you on art. They have education, understanding, and appreciation for art, and they may be able to assist you in purchasing art or completing the deal for you.

Why hire an art consultant?

Employing an art consultant means hiring someone who can educate you on art. They assist both individuals and corporations on art advisory. A qualified art consultant will be familiar with the masters, what artwork may be on sale, and how much the piece is projected to sell. They also know who to watch out for, who is making waves in the art world, and whether they are worth investing in. Perhaps a new artist is getting a lot of attention. When this happens, there is a rush to buy their work. The consultant will know where to find these sought-after items. They may attend auctions, attend gallery openings, or know the artists personally. They can assist you in negotiating the purchase of a desired work of art.

Where do art consultants work?

Art consultants also work for larger enterprises and art consulting firms. Perhaps they have been tasked with locating attractive artwork for a new law office or hospital. They will ensure that the items are within their budget, suited for the environment, and will be a worthwhile investment. Someone may prefer the old Danish masters, or they may prefer a more recent contemporary art. The consultant goes out ahead of time to set up meetings, showings, and negotiations.

What does it take to be an art consultant?

A bachelor’s degree in the arts is required for art consultants. When you combine that with everyday learning about art, artists, and the art industry, Their knowledge can offer you all the information you need and some that you were unaware of.


The consultant, buyer, artists, or both work closely together. Established buyers frequently have unique access to certain works since advisers assist buyers in establishing themselves in the art community. It can be extremely difficult for individuals or groups to acquire highly valued art objects. Many galleries may only sell to individuals they know, someone related to the consultant, or a high-profile customer, such as a celebrity.

What is an art consultant’s role in the acquisition of artwork?

If you’re new to art buying, seek a consultant. You can’t just walk into a gallery and buy anything you like. While this may be true at certain smaller, local galleries, a consultant is nearly always present to facilitate the sale. If you use them frequently, they get paid a flat fee or a percentage of the artwork’s sale. They bid at auctions, meet artists for you, advise you on those artists, and can introduce you to other market players.

The gallery typically offers a little discount to a consultant who buys artwork for you. In essence, you are not paying for their advice. They sell you the art and get paid that way. Buying art through a consultant does not cost more. The consultant will perform all the work for you, whether you are buying one piece or several. These people know where to go, how to locate amazing work, and who to contact.


Any art consultant you hire is looking for objects that suit your tastes and needs, not theirs. They can find what you’re looking for regardless of whether they like it or not. They examine your space and inquire about the types of works you desire. You can go to galleries together and tell them what style, colors, and themes you prefer. They will use that information to locate the most extraordinary things within your budget.