High school summer programs are typically interchangeable with kids who have fallen behind or failed to complete any of the regular school year courses. However, many students are enrolling in summer courses not out of despair but to get ahead and benefit from many chances these summer classes have. Although catching up or reestablishing an outstanding GPA is one of the primary benefits for students who take summer classes, there are many other vital explanationsContinue Reading


Simply because a coronavirus test says that you don’t have the virus does not mean that you are not infected — or infectious. You had any exposures that may put you at risk for coronavirus. A few days after you develop a terrible cough and feel somewhat short of breath and very exhausted. You take your temperature: 101 levels. A fever. You suspect you may have COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. TheContinue Reading


5 time NBA Champion, two time NBA Finals MVP, 2008 NBA MVP, 12 time NBA All-Star, 3 period NBA All-Star Game MVP, 2-time scoring winner, 12 time All-NBA Option, 10-time defensive selection, and today, entitled among the top ten players of all time from the guy, Michael Jordan. All of the conversations on the bleacher report viewing Kobe’s place in history may last, but only remember Michael’s thoughts. Even with all this, in a newContinue Reading