Ways to Increase Curb Appeal Through Outdoor Lighting

The property market is flourishing, and while this is often a seller’s market, there are steps you can take to make your home stand apart from the competition. Adding outdoor lighting is a quick and easy approach to increasing your house’s value and resale value. If you take the time to craft beautiful landscape functions, why let them go to waste?

Strategies for Enhancing Curb Appeal

Outside lighting comes in a vast array of designs, so it’s possible to find something that complements your taste. Below are some tips for enhancing your house’s street appeal with well-placed outdoors lighting.


Making and keeping front flower beds takes a lot of effort and money for many property owners. Do not allow your hard work in the garden to go to waste by hiding it away], whether you have a few tastefully arranged pots or a massive garden that takes up your whole front yard.

By shining light upward from a single point, uplighting can be used to provide the impression of greater depth. You may illuminate a pathway or make your backyard seem more substantial by positioning lights in front of or behind a tree or shrub to create shadows. Hence, using low-hanging lights in your landscaping may bring attention to it without competing with other decorative features. If you want to experience curb lighting, you may consider various outdoor lighting design websites, like lightmyhouse.net.

Entrance Way

Front entrance lighting is crucial for safety; however, you should not skimp on style. Focus your evening curb appeal lighting on your front door or even in the backyard curb appeal. The security of you and your guests in the evening depends upon having adequate lighting.

An upgraded and well-kept look can be achieved by replacing outdated or worn-looking components near the front door. You may put a single light fixture to draw attention to the front door and house number. Having two identical fittings on either side of a double door is an excellent way to draw the eye in.

Front Staircase

Making your front walk appear like a runway with intense lights is not a great concept. If you customize the lighting on your front pathway, you can give it a sleek, modern appearance and otherworldly ambiance at night. Using shields or glare guards is a simple method to direct the viewer’s gaze downward, providing safety lighting and bringing out details like stone walkways. Location lights in the garden along the pathway so that they cast a shadow instead of a direct light; this will provide a romantic touch.

Structural Accent

There are specific style details in every house that can be stressed. Lighting up architectural details like turrets, scrollwork, and other trademarks of houses built in the past century can boost curb appeal at any time of day or night. Nevertheless, downlights installed near the eaves are a great way to bring attention to clean, contemporary architecture. For more info, you can visit this website, https://lightmyhouse.net/landscape-lighting/, to see more unique features of outdoor lighting on your house. 


Many homes’ front porch lights are too modest to serve as a compelling architectural feature. The entranceway or porch of your house exhibits warmth and hospitality. It may be time to update those little light switches and ceiling light fixtures with something grander.

Under the eaves, you could choose to install a pendant light or recessed lighting that stands out. A better solution would be to install LED lights along the front rails or to draw attention to and make the front steps safer. If you have room, add matching containers to your porch or stairwell. Putting lights in the pots will create a warm and inviting entryway.


The term “curb appeal” has grown relatively popular in real estate circles. Improving a property’s exterior is now viewed as a top priority for anyone intending to sell their home. This makes sense because a potential buyer’s first impression of your property will be formed when they drive by before pulling into the driveway for the proving.