The Reasons Why Mobile Technology is More Important Now

Some observers would argue that we have just entered the “post-PC” age, where very few men and women access the Internet through a conventional desktop or notebook computers — and instead, we are soon going to be browsing almost exclusively on our tablets and smartphones. While the whole transition from PCs to mobile devices may take a while longer, it’s tough to argue with how significant these mobile devices have become into our everyday lives.

Here are the top ten reasons why cellular technology is so critical. Use this information to assist you in factor this technology in your marketing efforts for the next year.

1. Individuals are Increasingly Accessing the Internet Through Mobile Devices

It’s estimated that the amount of U.S. users who access the Internet through conventional desktop and notebook personal computers will fall from 240 million in 2012 to 225 million by 2016. At exactly the exact same time, the amount of people who browse mostly through their mobile devices is expected to jump from 174 million to 265 million within that same time period.

2. E-Commerce Transactions through Mobile Devices Are More Popular Nowadays

It’s projected that roughly 20 percent of eCommerce sessions are occurring on smartphones and tablet computers. Market observers also believe that this rate will climb to more than 50% over the next 3 decades. Regrettably, not all eCommerce sites are well designed to provide an excellent shopping experience on mobile devices. Without a responsive site to show to users who visit with a mobile device, businesses are likely to see poor conversion rates for mobile shoppers.

3. Mobile Technology is Changing the User’s Internet Surfing Habits

People who surf the Internet through their telephones or tablets tend to be not as likely attempting to decode a difficult to comprehend marketing message than someone on a PC. If something isn’t immediately interesting or related to a mobile device user, they are likely to switch to some other app or web page straight away.

4. Social Media Has Gone Mobile

Some of the most popular programs on the iPhone and Android smartphones are the ones that allow users to get their social networking accounts. This means your marketing efforts shouldn’t just take the social networking landscape into consideration, they need to also do so with the knowledge that lots of social networking users will be accessing their accounts through mobile devices. This trend might become more evident as observers anticipate the long-anticipated launch of a Facebook-branded smartphone.

5. Mobile Technology Allows Location Based Marketing

Most tablet computers and tablet computers feature location-sensing technology that enables programs to get the consumer’s approximate location. For devices which have a global positioning system (GPS) technology, these programs can pinpoint the user’s location to within a couple of feet. These programs can then display targeted coupons or offers to local stores. Since people normally have their mobile phones with them when they are outside the house, this could be a massive opportunity for businesses.

6. Smartphones and Pills Eliminate Barriers to Mobile Marketing

The promise of mobile marketing was mostly hype, less than a decade ago. Small screens, underpowered telephones, and the absence of a cell eCommerce infrastructure (and no corresponding consumer behavior) meant that people simply were not ready to be promoted via their telephones. We utilized our phones for texting and talking, and that was about it.

But the smartphones of now and the growing quantities of tablets are more powerful and allow users to do virtually anything they would do on their home computers.

7. Mobile Technology is Replacing the Video and the Radio

As opposed to listening to the radio, an increasing number of users are logging in to Pandora or Spotify for music. Case in point; many new cars nowadays include iPods and iPhone connectivity choices. And instead of watch shows and movies on tv, more users are seeing network sites, Netflix, and Hulu to watch programs on their own programs. Since these behaviors become more entrenched, marketers should think of new and effective ways to get their messages in front of prospective customers.

8. The Most Valuable Demographics are Mobile

For many businesses, the most valuable demographic of the possible customer is a person who is young and educated and has disposable income. This demographic contrasts almost flawlessly with those who invest time on their iPads and smartphones. Because of this, companies that are looking to receive their messages in front of those individuals now have a simple means to do so. But don’t be discouraged if your intended audience is elderly folks — this demographic is now experiencing some of the fastest growth rates in mobile device use.

9. Mobile Marketing Can Be Quite Cost-Effective

Marketing to prospective customers through mobile devices still needs imagination, planning, and skillful implementation, but oftentimes, this can be done for less money than it would take to do through traditional media outlets. Having the ability to target potential customers more precisely, and to present your message only to people who you think are the most likely to follow through and purchase your services and products, means your marketing dollars are spent effectively.

10. Other Areas of the World are Even More Mobile

Based on the nature of your business, if your market is really global then taking advantage of mobile technology is very likely to be a substantial element of your overall marketing strategy, and it may even be the principal channel by which you market your business. In most countries, there hasn’t been a gradual switch from PCs to smartphones since not many people ever owned a PC in the first location. In actuality, within the next four decades, it is estimated that the amount of mobile program users will more than double; from 1.0 billion to 2.1 billion.

Keep yourself together with those mobile technology trends to make certain you could respond in the best possible way for your business.