Common Garage Door Issues

We use our garage doors daily, and at the same time, garage doors are also often neglected. Broken garage doors are usually ignored or forgotten by homeowners since they are mostly noticed right when you’re about to leave the property. Per figures, garage doors should last between fifteen to thirty years, depending on the usage and how it is maintained. It was also reported that 2,000 people are crushed by garage doors annually, and more than 7,500 are pinched during garage door operation. These numbers should be enough to keep us cautious with operating and taking care of our garage door, so when you notice any of these issues arising when you use your garage door, it’s time to call the experts.

Benefits of Having a Garage Door

Aside from giving our home an aesthetically pleasing look, garage doors also offer us security and protection from external factors such as scorching heat, extreme cold, and burglary. Having a high-end garage door will also increase the value of your property and provide convenience. With all these advantages lined up, make sure you don’t neglect it and conduct proper maintenance when you notice any of these issues.

Broken Springs

You’ll notice the difference in your garage door’s operation when there’s something wrong every time it opens and closes. When your garage door springs are broken, the door may be crooked, won’t open entirely, will make squeaking noises, it may jerk, and suddenly fall when you close it. The impact when the door immediately falls is more than enough to cause severe injuries; that’s why if you encounter any of these signs, you may contact Upper Canada Garage Doors right away.

Worn Out Rollers

These rollers aid your garage door to glide up and down smoothly. Due to normal wear and tear of these rollers, the garage door may not open properly. Your garage door may be stuck; it may also jerk and make grinding noises. These issues can cause other parts of your garage door to be damaged. The professionals can more easily identify these issues quickly than we can; that’s why regular garage door service is a must at least once a year. 

Broken Cables

Your garage door cable lifts your door when you operate it. Since we typically use our garage door multiple times a day, it becomes fragile and snaps over time. The cables may also rust, causing them to fray. The garage door cables are usually made up of little cables to form a bigger cable, so if one snaps, the others will eventually snap as well due to the remaining cables not being able to support the weight of the door. Regularly check your garage door cable for fraying and reach out to the experts once you spot any issues. Here’s one company worth partnering with. It’s a must to know more about the company before investing, so ensure to conduct proper research.


You may think that it’s fine to delay the maintenance or repair of your garage door, but that could actually cause safety hazards. These may be a common issue, but keep in mind the number of reported incidents and deaths reported every year due to garage door issues. Let’s not make it to that point, and address the problem as early as you can. Repairing the minor issues and what can still be saved to prevent further damages is still cost-efficient than replacing your entire garage door after all.