Our Partners

Our partners believe in supporting a thriving and growing startup community.  Their support is critical is helping us grow and support our startups.

Is your organization interested in supporting our startup community and our entrepreneurs? Let us know - contact our community lead, Norm Couturier, at Norm@StartupFredericton.ca!

Government and Industry Engagement

Startup Fredericton believes in creating and maintaining trusted relationships with our municipal, provincial and federal government agencies and representatives. Open and transparent communication to ONB, ACOA, our NB-based federal Members of Parliament, and our municipal economic development agencies regarding our vision, mission and progress is core to us.

We are also committed to fostering relationships with NB corporations who recognize and support entrepreneurs in our province, so that we can connect them with the entrepreneurs that may be able to help these corporations innovate.

The Roles in Our Community

The community is represented by a number of different types of people and organizations, each playing their part to either provide and/or benefit from support of others in the community. We identify these people and organizations by “Role”, as follows: