What is the ENGAGE Team?

ENGAGE Team are the volunteers that GET STUFF DONE!


Promote and organize events that bring entrepreneurs and the business community together - such as BONDFIRE and pitch competitions


Work on marketing, communication and technology projects that help Startup Fredericton support our local entrepreneurs.


The ENGAGE Team is also the source of new and creative ideas that help to build our startup community.

Startup Fredericton ENGAGE Team. We Need You.

Is the ENGAGE Team right for you?

At the heart of a thriving startup community are the volunteers that are motivated to support entrepreneurs and build the community. It’s pretty simple.

You may already be an entrepreneur. You may be a student with aspirations of starting your own company in the near future or being part of startup.  You may be a business professional in the community that believes in the spirit of entrepreneurialism. Whatever your situation, you can probably already appreciate the value that a thriving startup community can bring to local entrepreneurs.  You’ve probably already wondered how you help.

If the above statements sound like you, then the ENGAGE Team is probably for you.

As an ENGAGE Team member, we look for you to believe in Startup Fredericton’s Mission and Core Principles. You show up for the team meetings, bring your ideas, great attitude  and motivation, jump in and get to work with your teammates, and have fun.  

As a result, you’ll get to work with some great people, interact with entrepreneurs and the business community, build your professional network, and put some meaningful experience on your resume.

We can use your help in Promoting Events, Starting Bondfires, Coordinating Award Ceremonies, Hosting Meetings, Celebrating Victories, Seeking Sponsorships, Connecting the Community, Building Awareness and Inclusion.

Learn More


Send an email to Matt@StartupFredericton.ca.  We'll get you connected!

You can also drop in on one of our ENGAGE Team Meetups. Check out the schedule here.