So What Does a Professional Kitchen Designer Do To Your Kitchen?

A Kitchen is a space in which family bonds while cooking food. Open and bright kitchen space is a welcoming sight in your home. An attractive remodeled kitchen makes your home more appealing. A kitchen ought to be well-equipped to execute an extensive diversity of jobs. As you plan to mimic your new kitchen, then you should look for the appeal as well as the efficacy part. If you would like to get in touch with a professional designer, then you can reach out to Beyond Kitchens. Past Kitchens is one of the greatest refurbishment companies in Cape Town which could assist you in processing the work smoothly.

It is time to remodel your kitchen and if you are like most people you need your new kitchen to look beautiful but you also want it to function properly.

You have probably thought about the kind of countertop, cabinets, flooring, lighting, and appliances that you need but that is just the starting point. So as to have a well-designed kitchen that will satisfy the requirements of your household your kitchen must operate properly and have sufficient storage.

My favorite place to begin when designing a kitchen with Legacy Kitchens would be with storage! It seems boring at first blush but believes me a designer that cares about the proper positioning of your kitchen essentials is worth their weight in gold.

What does a Professional Kitchen Designer do?

A kitchen designer is an interior designer who works on designing, modernizing, or renovating the kitchen in your house. They appeal to the wants and requirements of a customer. The very first step followed by a kitchen designer would be, to sit with a client and brainstorm about the general aesthetics and extent of work. According to their conversation, a kitchen designer adopts a basic layout. The designer then appears at various cupboard designs, appliances, and different kitchen-related things. These items ought to be well planned prior to beginning the building work of your kitchen.

Cupboards are among the most essential areas of the kitchen zone. Your cupboards should be well-coordinated together with your kitchen color and theme.

The small kitchen is composed of less than 150 sq feet. The medium kitchen begins at 151 sq ft and extends up to 350 sq feet. While the large kitchen is understood to be a distance larger than 350 sq feet.

The first step to designing a kitchen with proper storage is to determine which size kitchen you’ve got. Each sized kitchen includes its own set of instructions put forth by the NKBA to guarantee the appropriate amount of storage is accounted for.

Here’s how it works. A designer will take the total design of a kitchen and break it down by cabinet frontage. Each cabinet can be calculated in the following manner.

Cabinet width in inches x number of shelves and drawers x cabinet feet in depth = drawer and shelf frontage.

A little kitchen necessitates 1,400″ of shelf/drawer frontage. A medium kitchen clocks in at 1,700″ while a large kitchen necessitates 2,000″.

New and Custom Kitchens Calgary | Legacy Kitchens – As soon as you know the amount of frontage required you can ascertain how many cabinets are needed in your design to provide the space the proper storage required to operate.

When determining what cabinets to utilize not all cabinets are made equal. There are cabinets for pots, utensils, pans, cookie sheets, dry goods, garbage cans, appliances, lids, chemicals, and food. If it belongs in the kitchen you can ensure there is a cupboard or in cabinet accessory specifically designed to house it.

Once you decide just how many cabinets will most likely fit into the sq footage you must work with you need to then look at every cabinet and what it will house. This is a really important step in the design process frequently overlooked. Many expert remodeling companies put in fundamental cabinets to match the room without diving deeper into what is really likely to be stored in every cupboard. A cookie sheet holder cabinet often known as a tray divider cabinet will be of little use when it’s far away from the stove while garbage may pull out will lose its effectiveness if it’s not in reach of the sink.

Factors You Should Consider Before Designing Your Kitchen Cupboard


The design of the kitchen ought to be concluded prior to starting the renovation work. The cupboard size should be appropriate and it ought to be set in the kitchen without obstructing the area. Their design should go nicely with kitchen counters & other appliances.


Wood is the material that is commonly employed for cabinets. The several types of substances which may be utilized are walnut, cedar, oak, cherry, and walnut. All the mentioned materials have a different variance of colour, texture, and style.


The quality of the cupboard ought to be selected in such a manner that the cupboard remains in the best condition over a course of time. The quality of a cabinet matters more than the caliber of the cupboard. If extra hardware is installed, then a high quality cupboard can sustain for a tremendous amount of time.

Cupboard Doors

A cupboard door ought to be well-chosen to complement the colour of your kitchen. Most homeowners favor cathedral, bricks, bricks, and square trends of cupboard doors.

Storage Space

The most crucial factor to be considered when choosing a cabinet is the storage area. Kitchen cabinets should be big enough to accommodate drawers, sliding trays, racks, and shelves.

Beyond Kitchens is a professional firm that appreciates the challenge of designing the ideal cabinet for a client. Their staff has years of experience in providing exceptional service to their clients. They concentrate on designing, manufacturing, and installing the very dependable customized cupboards.