Practical Ways to Make Money From Knitting

Do you remember those days when only grannies loved to knit? Guess what? This old-fashioned and “forgotten” hobby is back on track, and you can make money out of it!

According to Forbes, knitting has become a cool activity for young people when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in early 2020. Though many knitting enthusiasts are afraid they can’t make money out of their hobby, they simply need to change their mindset about knitting. In fact, even amateurs can earn extra income if they learn the basics and start knitting different pieces – from the easiest to fashionable garments.

You’re going to knit anyways, so why not turn it into a source of extra income?

How to Make Money With Knitting?

1. Sell your Knitted Items Online

Though it doesn’t take overnight to sell your knitted items, you can take advantage of the goodness of social media to introduce your products. For instance, create a Facebook page and start inviting your friends, family, and people you know to like your page. You can also ask them to share it with their friends, loved ones, and colleagues so that you can widen your network. Other websites to sell your crafts are:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Artfire
  • Zibbet
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • Blog (if you already have one, use it to sell your products)

While you can use these platforms to reach out to your potential customers, remember to make your products unique, useful, and creative.

2. Sell your Knitted Items Offline

You can start by selling your handcrafted items to the people you know. If you knitted a beautiful piece of garment like a scarf, you can offer it to your friends at a discounted price, which they could recommend to their friends and family. Another way is to sell at craft shows or craft fairs. Find venues and dates about these events at your local area or depending on how far you are willing to travel. Usually, you need to contact the organizers first for pricing. It should not be difficult to connect to them or reach the area, but you must do your research. This may even be a great market research where you talk to people and ask what they like. You can also get an idea about prices. Do they still seem interested when you tell them the price? Are they surprised?

In addition, selling to retail or local stores is another way to make money from knitting. One of the advantages of wholesale is you can expect large orders. However, you don’t make as much profit per order because the stores usually take a large percentage of the price, so be sure to think about it if you want to go wholesale.

3. Sell your Patterns and Designs Online

Before selling a pattern or design, you need to come up with an idea. Think about something useful, beautiful, and would teach a knitting fan a new skill. Once you have an idea, make it. Make sure to take notes as you go. After you’ve worked out the sample, write down in sequential order the exact instructions on how to recreate it until the smallest detail. Review your pattern and edit whatever is needed to change. Then go online and list down your design as for sale. Here are some platforms you can use:

  • Etsy
  • Ravelry
  • On your blog
  • Facebook
  • On someone else’s blog, if you can

4. Other Ideas

  • Write articles about knitting (eBook, book, workbook)
  • Be a tutor for someone
  • Offer your knitting services for a yarn company
  • Sell yarns

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